Learn the Benefits of Residential Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring has been a popular choice for commercial applications. Now, more individuals are looking at the benefits of epoxy flooring for their homes. If you have considered an epoxy floor for your home or garage, then continue reading to learn more about this option.

If you are on the fence about installing an epoxy floor in your home, then take a look at some of the benefits that this type of flooring offers:

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Strength and Durability

Epoxy flooring is a great option for homeowners looking for something that will last. In fact, epoxy floors can last as long as 40 years! In addition to being long-lasting, it is easy to clean and available in many different colors so that you do not have to settle on just one color if you want a unique look for your living space. The material looks great both during construction and once the installation process has been completed. Our team has years of experience installing epoxy floors in both homes, so you can be confident that we will get the job done right.

Residential Epoxy

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of epoxy flooring is that it is low maintenance. Unlike other flooring materials such as tile or linoleum, epoxy does not require special cleaning products or sealants to maintain its appearance. In fact, all you need to do to keep your epoxy floor looking great is a quick sweep or mop every now and then. This makes it the perfect choice for busy homeowners who do not have time to spend on upkeep and cleaning.

Residential Epoxy


Epoxy flooring is also a great option for safety purposes. The material is slip-resistant, which can be a great feature if you have children or pets in your home. In addition, epoxy is non-toxic and will not release any harmful fumes into your living space. This makes it a safe choice for families with young children or pets! You won’t have to worry about them being exposed to harmful chemicals or slipping due to a slick surface. Our epoxy flooring is even allergen resistant.

Residential Epoxy

Quick Installation

In addition to residential epoxy floors being easy to clean and slip-resistant, our team can also install the floor in a timely manner. Our experts will arrive on-site with everything that they need to complete the job efficiently. In fact, most customers receive their finished product within one day after we begin installing! That means that you won’t have to wait long before you can enjoy your freshly installed flooring. If you are looking for a contractor with years of experience installing epoxy floors in Seattle homes, then contact us today!

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Learn More About Residential Epoxy

Some of our most popular residential epoxy installations include:

Residential Epoxy

Basement Floor Epoxy

One of the most popular residential epoxy installations is the epoxy flooring in the basement. If you are looking for an easy way to transform your dingy, unfinished basement into a clean and modern living area without doing any remodeling work whatsoever, then opt for epoxy. You won’t have to worry about excess moisture or mildew ruining your flooring with epoxy. Basement epoxy floors are resistant to moisture, which is why it is the perfect choice for damp spaces like basements.

Residential Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

Another popular application of epoxy flooring is in the garage. One of the biggest problems that most garages face is water damage from car spills or other accidents. Fortunately, epoxy flooring expertly solves this problem. Our team will arrive on-site with everything that you need for an expert installation process so that your new floor can be ready to roll in no time! Your new garage epoxy floor will look great and handle water bugs with ease, even if you leave your car parked there during a rainstorm!

Residential Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for a way to increase the visual appeal of your home, then consider epoxy flooring with a metallic finish. The lustrous look of these floors is sure to impress visitors, and it also adds a great deal of value to your property. In fact, many contractors consider epoxy with a metallic finish one of the best solutions for increasing curb appeal during a renovation process. Our team can help you choose from our selection of colors before beginning installation!

Universal Benefits of Installing Epoxy Flooring

Numerous residential properties throughout Seattle have already benefited from our team’s installation of epoxy flooring. Although we install a variety of epoxy, residential epoxy is one of our most popular choices because it offers such incredible benefits to homeowners. Whether you’re looking to install epoxy in your home or business, you can expect:

  • Moisture and bacteria resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Reflects light well
  • Variety of colors and designs available
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Residential Epoxy

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You Can Trust In Our Team of Experts

When it comes to something as important as your home’s flooring, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. That’s why our team of experts is here to help! We have years of experience installing epoxy floors in a variety of settings and can provide you with the best advice for your specific needs. In addition, we carry all of the supplies necessary for a successful installation and can work efficiently to get the job done on time and on budget. Working with us, you can expect:

  • Expert advice for your unique needs
  • Quality workmanship
  • Peace of mind knowing our team is highly experienced
  • Fully licensed and insured
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